Selling Minerals

MBI Oil and Gas has interest in paying top dollar for mineral interest. Our company owns significant mineral interest in the Williston Basin.​

Being a local entity we realize that there are many different reasons that mineral owners may want to sell their mineral rights. MBI relies on sound engineering to evaluate royalty interests on an individual basis and will be happy to work side-by-side with you and your family to understand the process and how things are being evaluated. We can meet you wherever is the most comfortable.​

Timing in the Williston Basin is ripe for taking advantage of high density infill valuation.

Leasing Minerals​

We are interested in leasing large and small land tracts with intent to participate or develop. MBI Oil and Gas is currently leasing oil and gas minerals in western North Dakota and eastern Montana offering you the best in leasing options and competitive bonuses and terms.

​Un-leased Minerals?

Is the opportunity to lease your oil and gas minerals available to you forever? The saying goes “with every new beginning comes an end” and the oil field is no different. Don’t let the opportunity of leasing these depleting resources slip through your fingers. Leasing oil and gas minerals can be easy and profitable when you let MBI Oil and Gas, LLC lease your minerals.

Expiring Lease?

Is your mineral lease about to expire? Do not hesitate – contact the experts at MBI Oil and Gas to compare offers or to answer any questions you may have regarding leasing oil and gas minerals


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